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Send Money to Bangladesh

PFG Forex provides fast, secure and easy money transfers with convenient delivery options for everyone.

Cash Pick-Up

Your recipient can pickup cash from any branch of Rupali Bank or at 12,000+ Spot Cash locations nationwide.
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Account Deposit

Your recipient can have the money deposited directly into their bank account.
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What you need to know...

Basic Information

Delivery time
Immediate Cash Pick-Up

within minutes.

Service available 24 X 7
Immediate Cash Pick-Up is available through selected agent outlets only. Please check availability of the service with the agent, before you proceed.
Same Day Pick-Up and Account Deposit

within 24 hrs.

Cut-Off time :1600 AEST.

Service available on all business days
Same Day Account Deposit is available through selected agent outlets only. Please check availability of the service with the agent, before you proceed.
Regular Cash Pick-Up & Account Deposits

Next business day, after receipt of AUD funds into our bank account.

Cut-Off time : 1600 AEST.

Service available on all business days
Available through all agent outlets.

As the working days in Bangladesh are Sunday to Thursday, transfers may take slightly longer around the weekend
Amount Limit
Minimum Send Amount : AUD 25(per transfer)

Maximum Cash Pick-Up : AUD 4000(per transfer)

Maximum Account Deposit : No Limit(per transfer)
Receive Amount
Full amount of your transfer will be paid to the beneficiary without any deductions by our payment partner.
Receiver’s details required
Cash Pick-Up

Recipient ’s full name, address and phone number

Account Deposit

Recipient’s full name, address and bank account details including account number
BDT Local Account number should be a maximum of 17 digits.
Free of charge if done prior to release of payments by us.

Amendments are normally NOT possible after release of payments.

AUD 10 fee, if done after release of payment by us.
If amended, changes are possible only for certain specified fields like beneficiary phone number, account number etc.

Complete change of beneficiary is not allowed.
AUD 10 fee
Foreign exchange loss on conversion and deductions/charges of banks/payment partners etc. will be recovered from the customer.
Business Transfers
Not available in BDT

The sender and recipient of a BDT transfer must both be private individuals.
Business Transfers can be made to beneficiaries in Bangladesh in USD, EUR, GBP etc.

To know more, please see ‘Business Transfers’.


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